Baby Products

It has been 40 years since we have started to develop and market baby products.

We are committed to manufacturing safe and reliable products at our SG-certified factory in Japan, and continuing to make improvements to meet customer demands and the needs at the time. Our development is not limited to baby carriers, but also baby care products including chair harnesses that prevent babies from standing up.

We are now focused on 5 brands including: cinq manieres cube, Eightex, CUDDLY, CARRY FREE, and HUGUENOT which are divided by different generations and purposes.

In Japan, it was standard to carry a baby piggyback style, when we first started to import baby carriers from the U.S. which uniquely carried babies in the front. This eventually led us to become a manufacturer of baby carriers. In 1983, we became a" SG certified factory" that comply with safety standards of CPSA (Consumer Product Safety Association) in Japan, and began producing our own products as well as original products from major corporations.

Continuously making improvements to meet the demands and needs at the time, we began marketing not only baby carriers, but also baby care products such as chair belts that prevent babies from standing up. Eightex now has developed numerous brands including cinq manieres cube, Eightex, CUDDLY, CARRY FREE, and HUGUENOT to meet the needs of different generations and purposes.

Emergency / Evacuation

We have started to develop baby carriers made of flame-retardant fabric to prevent the spread of fire for use of emergency / evacuation since 2011. It has been introduced at many nursery schools and kindergartens as a product that can quickly carry up to three infants.

After the Great East Japan earthquake in 2011, we've received some requests from daycare teachers, and developed the baby carriers that can quickly carry up to three infants, and the other emergency supplies for infants including the fireproofed bibs, swaddles, ponchos and storage bags.

Currently, we design not only for the childcare places, but also for the personnel use, and keep developing emergency products for infants.

Bag Parts & Travel Accessories

From the sewing skills and experiences obtained from baby products, we now import, produce, and distribute travel accessories, which can be used for business or leisure.

We produce bag parts for the business use, such as grips to be attached to bag handles and cushioned pads compatible with various sizes of shoulder belts. Since these items are used every day, we are very particular about the selection of durable fabrics and sewing quality. We also offer originally designed suitcase belts as well as a variety of other products that are useful for travel and business trips.

Pet Products

From the sewing skills and experiences obtained from baby products and travel accessories, we market both imported and in-house manufactured pet products. The concept of our pet products is to spend time comfortably for both pets and their owners.

Our products are mainly for dogs and cats.

Pets are important family members. Therefore, we would like to produce the products for them with our knowledge and skills obtained from making baby products. “Hip seats for pets” are made by using the same methods and manufacturing process as our baby products that comply with the "SG standard." Selection of materials, manufacturing and tension strength of the product are all made in accordance with our baby products.

We also sell import items, including pet carriers and recovery collars with extensive sales experience in various countries.