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Commitment to craftsmanship

  • Commitment to “Made in Japan” products
  • Commitment to safe products inspected
    at our SG certified factory
  • Commitment to reliable products prepared
    for natural disasters and emergencies
  • Commitment to quality sewing capabilities
  • Commitment to the product concept of going out



Products we care about


Safe and reliable baby products
made in our SG certified factory

Safe, simple and unique baby products for various age groups and situations


Emergency / Evacuation

Children’s emergency & evacuation products
created by feedbacks from childcare workers

3 infant evacuation carriers and many other emergency products for children were developed after the 2011 earthquake disaster



Bag parts used for daily commute

Long-time experience manufacturing simple and stylish bag parts
Numerous products not just for business use, but ideal for leisure



Original products made in-house as well as
selected import items

Pet products developed with our experiences in the baby product field Safe & reliable products with a wide range of selections


New Item


1. Safe and reliable products made in Japan
We have strict standards and quality management at our SG certified factory
2.Privately owned SG certified factory
We were registered as the SG standards certified factory (#31-005) by the Consumer Product Safety Association (CPSA) in March of 1983.
3.Flexibility in small quantity orders, and speedy manufacturing
Due to our capabilities to manufacture in Japan, smaller quantity orders can be achieved as well as production lead-time to meet your demands.



01.Design committed to child safety

Award system for products, services, activities, environment, and research that are devoted to children and raising them.

Every child is a treasure to our society and the future itself. The Kids Design Awards was established to work with diverse individuals to ensure the future of children is sustainable and bright. We hope to help create a society in which "parents can to give birth and raise children with comfort," an environment where “children can live safely and securely," and where "children can grow up with sensitivity and creativity,"

02.SDGs System committed to sustainability

03.Consideration to the environment

  • Negotiation of plastic free items to our partners
  • Shifting to eco-friendly materials
  • Change of packaging to recyclable material
  • Collection of used items for maintenance and reuse
  • Change to LED lighting within the facility
  • Change to energy conserving air conditioning
  • Change to glass films with insulation effect
  • Change to LED lighting within the facility
  • Change to plant-based plastic bags
  • Change to FSC certified cartons




Distribution Center

238-1 Nissatocho, Soka, Saitama 340-0031

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Ibaraki Factory & Lab

2260-12 Nakanobe, Omitama, Ibaraki 311-3422

Tel 0299-37-0011 Fax 0299-37-1411