Our mindset and strength

Making things with you.

Yesterday, today, tomorrow, and the days that follow. We want each moment to be a time of comfort, happiness, and peace of mind. With this thought, we face the challenges of creating products.

For newborn babies, for elderly people that know of both sweet and sour sides of life, for pets who heal our families. To watch over each and everyone’s ways of “living,” we created simple and easy-to-use products, but also unique and innovative without being overly conventional.

We want our products to bring smiles not only to the people who use them, but also to everyone around them. This is the vision that all of us share. That is what our product making is all about.

Our commitment and strengths in product creation Strength

01Potential of “Made in Japan” products
We develop and manufacture our own products including baby items at our private factories in Japan. Our strength is that we can quickly manufacture not just our own products, but also OEM productions in small quantities.
02Confidence and responsibility of manufacturing at a SG certified factory
From material selection, planning, manufacturing, and inspection, we make products that comply with strict safety standards. Our responsibility includes adding safety and security not only to baby carriers, but to all of our products.
03Pursuing what we can do to protect children from disasters
Since the 2011 earthquake, we have been pursuing what we can do to ensure the safe evacuation of children during a disaster. We will continue to emphasize the importance of being prepared at daycare centers, public facilities, and at home.
04Over 40 years of experience and quality sewing skills
Our strength is the long-time experience in sewing skills which have been passed down from Showa, Heisei and to the Reiwa eras in Japan. We are confident and proud of our commitment to creating products with the user in mind.
05Commitment to the product concept of going out
Starting with the development of baby products to be used for going out, we have expanded our devotion to products for walking and going out with pets. We continue to develop items for everyday use.