original equipment manufacturing

Planning and proposal

  • Specifications in accordance with safety standards.
  • Extensive OEM experience bringing your desired product

Safe and reliable products made in Japan

  • Strict quality control during manufacturing process
  • Multiple quality inspections within the manufacturing process
  • All products run through metal detector after being packaged

Small order lot and speedy production

  • Small-lot production and desired lead-time available upon consultation
  • Low prices and speedy production can be achieved because all processes from manufacturing to shipping are done in our facility in Japan.

High quality sewing skills

  • Sewing are done at our own factory or at a subcontract factory under our control
  • Committed to sewing and made in Japan quality, with numerous experiences working on OEM projects

SG standards certified private factory

  • Registered as SG standards certified factory (#31-005) in March of 1983
  • Long time experience working in the baby products field, with strict safety and manufacturing standards

Our OEM Business Record

  • Baby Carry

  • Chair Belt

  • Chair Belt

  • Baby Carry

  • Chair Belt


Safe and reliable baby products made in our SG certified factory

afe, simple and unique baby products for various age groups and situations


Emergency / Evacuation

Children’s emergency & evacuation products created by feedbacks from childcare workers

3 infant evacuation carriers and many other emergency products for children were developed after the 2011 earthquake disaster



Bag parts used for daily commute

Long-time experience manufacturing simple and stylish bag parts Numerous products not just for business use, but ideal for leisure



Original products made in-house as well as selected import items

Pet products developed with our experiences in the baby product field Safe & reliable products with a wide range of selections



Q1:Is it possible to produce original products?

A:Yes, we can discuss with you the specifications you require.

Q2:What is your production quantity?

A:It depends on the type of product, but we can discuss and try to achieve your request.

Q3:Can all baby carriers be SG certified?

A:We are a registered factory, so we can obtain SG certification as long as the product specifications are in accordance with the standards.

Q4:Where are your products sewn?

A.Our products are sewn and inspected in Japan

Q5:How do you guarantee quality?

A.Sewing and inspections are also conducted during the manufacturing process to check for safety.

Q6:How many types and colors of baby carriers are available?

A.There are 6 types of baby carriers and up to 10 color variations.

Q7:How many baby products other than baby carriers do you offer?

A.We offer about 20 types of baby-related products including chair belts and drool covers in a variety of colors and patterns.

Q8:Are there any baby products that are unique to your company?

A.Because we live in an earthquake-prone country, we manufacture baby carriers for evacuation and bibs and ponchos for uses during disasters.

Q9:Is it possible to do OEM for non-baby care products?

A:Yes, we have developed various genres of products in the past, utilizing our sewing experiences. Please feel free to consult with us.


Please feel free to contact us.